Urban Soccer Collaborative 4th Annual National Urban Soccer Symposium

Date Posted: 2/23/2010

Come & join Compton United at the;

Urban Soccer Collaborative

4th Annual National Urban Soccer Symposium
Soccer: It Does the Body Good

presented by:
The Urban Soccer Collaborative and The U.S. Soccer Foundation
April 21-April 23, 2010 Washington, DC


The Urban Soccer Symposium was created to help develop new programs and strengthen already existing ones who are using soccer as a tool for youth development in under-resourced communities. This Symposium is the only national event that provides resources, trainings, information, and networking opportunities specifically addressing the issues facing these programs. Most importantly, you will walk away with practical strategies and practices that you can use when you return to your organizations and programs.

The Urban Soccer Collaborative (USC) and The U.S. Soccer Foundation (Foundation) have joined forces to develop strategies, practices, and curriculum resources that will yield measurable and sustainable results among the populations of children we serve. This year's Symposium will focus on the question: "How can we use soccer to intentionally improve the physical health and wellness of under-resourced youth?" and include sessions on how to increase physical fitness, achieve acquisition of nutritional knowledge, and produce positive food choice behavior by doing what you already do.

Together, we (the USC, the Foundation, and YOU) can make significant, measurable, and transformational changes in the lives of thousands of vulnerable youth . So, please join us April 21-23 for one of the most inspiring, engaging, informational, practical, and fun experiences you will have in 2010!

Who Needs to Be There!

  • Anyone using (or looking to use) soccer to change the lives of at-risk youth!

Staff and volunteers from grassroots organizations, state associations and organizations community organizations and groups, foundations and businesses. In other words:

  • coaches
  • program coordinators
  • program directors
  • executive directors
  • university professionals
  • business professionals
  • YOU!

What You Will Find When You Are There!
And this is just the beginning!

  • Informational and Interactive Sessions focused on: creative fundraising, government funding, youth development programming, organizational development ...
  • Training Sessions delivered on: positive behavior management, service learning, leading your organization, healthy lifestyle active curriculum ...
  • Resources and Workshops presented on: local collaborations, National and Regional Urban Soccer youth programming, community partnerships ....
  • Networking opportunities with: other program directors/coordinators/coaches, potential funders, government agencies, national organizations

What You Need to Do:
Register by March 15, 2010:
$100 registration fee $200/night room rate single/double*

After March 15, 2010:
$125 registration fee $214/night room rate single/double*
*roommate assignments can be made upon request

Click Here for Registration Packet and Additional Information.

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